Kind Regards FAQs

Kind Regards is a technology platform that creates an online marketplace allowing legal adult consumers the ability to send cannabis gift options to other legal adult consumers.

Kind Regards is restricted to users who are at least 21 years of age or older. There are two user types:

  1. Gifters – legal adult users who will be sending a cannabis-related gift
  2. Recipients – legal adult users who will be receiving a cannabis-related gift

The Kind Regards platform can be utilized by Gifters located in any geographic location in the world. However, any selected Recipient MUST be geographically located in a cannabis legal U.S. state (adult or recreational use) where we have established fulfillment services at the date and time they request to redeem their gift.

Kind Regards is a new platform and as we establish our service regions, we may not yet have fulfillment capacity in all regions within all cannabis legal states. Please click here to report a fulfillment gap if Kind Regards is not yet available in your requested service area.

A Gifter uses Kind Regards to send a suggested cannabis gift selection to an intended Recipient. Once you determine the lucky recipient and the perfect type of gift selection, follow the instructions and prompts to checkout and send off your suggested gift.

A Recipient uses Kind Regards to accept and redeem a suggested cannabis gift selection sent from a Gifter. The Recipient will receive a gift notification, agree to proceed and follow all instructions and prompts in order to redeem their gift.

Gifters can choose to send notification to their Recipient immediately at the time an order is placed, or they can schedule a specific future date and time to send notification, such as to correspond with a special occasion (birthday, anniversary, congratulations, etc.)

Absolutely! Some users may want to personally hand deliver Kind Regards to their recipients, and some users just want to treat themselves to Kind Regards. Simply enter your own contact information into the Recipient information fields when prompted, and your gift selections will be ready for you to pick up or be delivered to your door, where available.

Due to regulations which are beyond our control, Kind Regards currently can only accept online payment utilizing an eCheck transaction. eCheck is a safe and secure bank account transfer transaction which requires our customers to pay using their checking accounts as opposed to being able to provide us with a debit or credit card. While we patiently wait for new fair and practical online payment solutions to become available to the cannabis industry, you have our assurance that our eCheck transaction is as safe as processing a debit or credit card. Users will simply need to enter their bank routing and checking account numbers as opposed to entering credit or debit card numbers. The transaction will process similar to a debit card and be visible as a debit on your bank statement.

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