How Much Cannabis Do They Need?
There’s no set rule for how much cannabis makes the perfect present. Very few cannabis users
will be upset to find out they are getting cannabis as a gift. Even if it is a small amount, they will
be happy to receive anything they didn’t have to buy themselves.
However, if you’re wondering how much weed you need to get high, that’s a completely different
question. Buying with the intent to get high requires a certain dosage. The hard part is that the
specific amount is different for each person because of their tolerance level.
Tolerance Is Key
Tolerance is how much cannabis someone can consume before they start to feel the effects of
it. If you’ve never consumed cannabis before, it’s similar to how well a person can hold their
liquor. First-time users typically have a very low tolerance and will only need a small amount of
cannabis to feel the effects. However, veteran users will have a high tolerance and can
consume large quantities without feeling too high.
Get High Together
If your goal is to get a person high, you have to know their tolerance level, so they don’t have a
bad experience. One way to learn their tolerance level is to have them join you when you are
consuming cannabis. This will give you firsthand experience to know what form of cannabis they
prefer and their tolerance levels.
If that isn’t an option, ask them about their experience with cannabis. While it may ruin a bit of
the surprise for their new cannabis gift, each user generally knows how much they need to feel
What about First-Timers?
But what about yourself? How much should you smoke for the first time? If you, or the person
you’re shopping for, are a first-time user, keep things simple. A smaller gift will help you ease
into cannabis use and learn your limits without smoking too much too fast and having a bad
What Type of Cannabis Should I Get?
Buying cannabis means much more than buying a few grams of flower and calling it good.
There are different ways to consume cannabis and different strains of cannabis you need to
consider when buying a gift. Here’s a quick crash course into the different ways people
consume cannabis and which would be the best gift to send.

Cannabis can be infused in a wide range of edible candies and foods. Edibles are a great option
for first-time users because they don’t have to learn how to inhale and smoke cannabis.
Cannabis edible dosages vary from product to product. This makes it easy for anyone to have a
cannabis experience, no matter their tolerance level. With edibles like cannabis gummies and
chocolate, people can take a small nibble or a large bite, depending on their own experience
with cannabis.
Topicals are lotions, balms, creams, and sprays infused with cannabis. Cannabis topicals don’t
provide the same high as other cannabis products but instead focus on a localized part of the
body. Cannabis topicals are anti-inflammatory, which makes them great to rub on:
● Bruises
● Swelling
● Muscle pain
● Arthritis
● Twists
● Sprains
● Burns
If you’re buying cannabis to smoke, this is where you go. This is the most typical cannabis
experience, but there’s more to it than you might expect. Different strains of cannabis can affect
your body in different ways, so it’s important to know what type of feeling you want your friend or
family member to have and get them the right strain.
Indica Strains
If you’re looking to send a gift to help them chill out and relax, you’ll want to give them an indica
strain. Indica strains are typically known for being physically relaxing. Indica can produce a body
high that makes it a great sleep aid and helpful in dealing with pain relief.
Sativa Strains
If you want to give a gift that helps them have more of a head high, a sativa strain flower is
where you want to start. Sativa can energize the mind, helping with creativity and focus, and
can even help reduce anxiety or stress.

High-CBD Strains
CBD affects the body differently than THC (the component of cannabis that gets you high), so
it’s a great choice for users who want to keep their heads clear while still treating nausea,
stress, anxiety, headaches, and pain.
Find Your Gift with Kind Regards
Give the gift of cannabis with Kind Regards. With our wide selection of cannabis products, we
make it easy to give the right gift.

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